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I'm on a 9 month expedition from Seattle to the Aleutian Islands, exploring environmental issues along the way. I'll be revisiting Pebble in the course of this journey in January 2008. Follow along on the journey blog

The Pebble Mine project is a controversial proposal by Northern Dynasty Minerals to build one of the largest gold and copper mines in the world, in southwest Alaska, near Lake Iliamna. Northern Dynasty has not yet applied for permits, but their current proposal involves both a large open pit and an underground mine, as well as removal of the water from the headwaters of Upper Talarik Creek and the Koktuli River ( important fish habitats). The site sits at the headwaters of two major Bristol Bay drainages ( Nushagak and Kvichak), and potentially poses a large threat to the region's water and salmon. This proposal has become a major political issue in Alaska, pitting pro-mining forces against local native villages and commercial and sport fishermen.

The Renewable Resources Coalition sends out a weekly news roundup on Pebble Mine Issues. Visit their page to sign up.
Look for updates here again when I finish my Seattle - Aleutian Islands expedition in March 2008.
Or scroll down for past news.

April News
Pebble mine partnership raises fears
April 14, 2007 - Anchorage Daily News, ALAN BORAAS,COMMENT

Pebble debate an echo of our past
April 10, 2007 - By GEORGE MATZ, Anchorage Daily News

Pebble foes threaten mine tax - INITIATIVE: Petition written, but group waits to see how the tax bill fares in the Legislature.
April 3, 2007 - By ELIZABETH BLUEMINK, Anchorage Daily News

Protect Alaska's wild salmon
April 2, 2007 - GLOBE EDITORIAL, Boston Globe

Bristol Bay up for grabs - OIL LEASES: Worried fishing interests take their case to Congress.
April 1, 2007 - By KEVIN DIAZ, Anchorage Daily News

Alaskan Salmon Win Key Round vs. Gold Mine - Court ruling forces distinction between toxic mine tailings and harmless fill; Move may protect Alaska's vital Bristol Bay ecosystem
April 1, 2007 - by Craig Weatherby, Vital Choices

Fish Factor - Election, appointments, blogs, fish watch & more...
April 2, 2007 - By Laine Welch, Sit News

Fishermen, environmentalists lobby against oil and gas leasing - Groups hope to discourage offshore drilling in Bristol Bay
April 2, 2007 - The Associated Press, Juneau Empire

Mining Companies Strip Land from Indigenous Peoples - Multinational mining corporations are forcibly evicting indigenous populations
April 5, 2007 - By Bennett Gordon,

Salmon runs more important than mine (Taku River)
April 9, 2007 - By Thatcher Brouwer – Letter to the Editor, Juneau Empire

State dropped the ball on what could be solution to Pebble problem
April 10, 2007 - Letter to the Editor, By Charles E. Duncan, Anchorage Daily News

Writer defends target of mine company
April 9, 2007 - Letter to the Editor, by George Jacko, Peninsula Clarion

Gillam's support opposing proposed Pebble mine appreciated by many
April 9, 2007 - Letter to the Editor, by Charlotte Balluta, Anchorage Daily News

Pebble mine boosters are desperate in their bid to discredit opponents
April 6, 2007 - Jonathan Flora, Bristol Bay commercial fisherman, Anchorage Daily News

Alaska should deny mining permits
April 5, 2007 - Matt Hoey, Peninsula Clarion

Opposition to Pebble project isn't un-Alaskan; mining threatens Natives
April 5, 2007 - By Lucy Weedman, New Stuyahok, Anchorage Daily News

Keep gold industry's image untarnished
April 3, 2007 - Radhika Sarin - Washington, D.C., Juneau Empire

March News
U.S. court to overturn controversial mine permit (Kensington)
March 17, 2007 - By Yereth Rosen, Reuters

New refuge status would limit developers - PROTECTIONS: But some believe tougher rules would "protect" areas into poverty.
March 12, 2007 - By ELIZABETH BLUEMINK, Anchorage Daily News

Polls show Alaskans favor protections for Bristol Bay - Supporters of Pebble Mine project question methods, timing of survey as Legislature debates bills that would affect project
March 11, 2007 - By Hal Spence and Margaret Bauman, Peninsula Clarion/Alaska Journal of Commerce

Mine industry prepares for new 'battles' After year of record production, miners go on defensive against conservationists

MINING NEWS: Industry opposes Alaska mining tax reform - Pebble controversy is raising public awareness of mining taxes; Rep. Seaton says legislative action could stave off ballot initiative
March 25, 2007 - By Sarah Hurst, For Mining News

For higher prices, Alaskans should start promoting wild, fresh salmon
March 29, 2007 - Dennis Albert, Anchorage Daily News

Pebble opposition
March 28, 2007 - Charlie Seidl, Fairbanks Daily News Miner

Salmon take center stage in testimony PEBBLE: Residents' emotions flared at House hearing on a bill to bar drawing, polluting rivers' waters.
March 1, 2007 - By ELIZABETH BLUEMINK, Anchorage Daily News

Fisheries protection proposal generates spirited testimony - Bill seeks protective measures for salmon in Bristol Bay area
March 1, 2007 - By STEVE QUINN the Associated Press

February News

Two Bills Target Pebble Mine
February 27, 2007 - Johanna Eurich, KDLG, APRN Alaska News

As Pebble’s copper and gold resources expand, so does the war against the U.S. mega-project
February 27, 2007 - By: Dorothy Kosich, MineWeb

My Turn: Fish more precious than gold
February 28, 2007 - By Norm Van Vactor, Juneau Empire

Pebble backers say fish refuge bill actually targets mine
February 25, 2007 - By Margaret Bauman, Alaska Journal of Commerce

Latest resource estimate almost doubles Pebble East
February 25, 2007 - By Tim Bradner, Alaska Journal of Commerce

Pebble lode estimate doubles
February 21, 2007 - By Eric Lidji, News Miner

MINING NEWS: State approves Pebble exploration plans After careful review, DNR finds no basis to accusations that drilling will harm environment, habitat or subsistence resources
February 25, 2007 - Sarah Hurst, For Mining News

MINING NEWS: Mining and the Law: The miners are coming! The miners are coming!
February 25, 2007 - J.P. Tangen, Guest Columnist for Petroleum News

MINING NEWS: Legislature attacks Pebble on two fronts Bills in Alaska House and Senate aim to protect fish and wildlife but could be disastrous for Bristol Bay area development
February 25, 2007 - Sarah Hurst, For Mining News

Former governor's wife lobbies for game refuge
February 23, 2007 - by Jason Moore, KTUU

Ramras takes on Pebble
February 22, 2007 - Fairbanks News Miner

February 22, 2007 - The Australian

We all use the many products of mines
February 3, 2007 - Opinion, Anchorage Daily News

Let Hammond's vision live with fish refuge
January 29, 2007 - By TIM TROLL, Opinion, Anchorage Daily News

Blocking economic development is not an honor
February 22, 2007 - Opinion, Anchorage Daily News

Cowboys of the Sea
February 26, 2007 (air date) - National Geographic Channel

Bristol Bay Defender Ex-governor's widow supports bill to create a refuge protecting wildlife
February 15, 2007 - By Tom Kizzia, Anchorage Daily News

Bella Hammond: Private Life
February 15, 2007 - Anchorage Daily News

HB134 The Alaska Wild Salmon Protection Act
February 15, 2007 - Alaska House of Representatives

Proposed Glenn Highway strip mine would put tourist industry in a hole
February 11, 2007 - By Donna Braendel, Letter to the Editor, Anchorage Daily News

Rio Tinto on "local communities"
Accessed February 15, 2007 -

Oceanic Islanders Win Appeal in Massive Claim against Mining Giant Rio Tinto for Alleged Ecocide and Human Rights Crimes
August 7, 2006 - Hagens-Berman, Press Release

Rio Tinto evades questions on Panguna at AGM (and affirms riverine waste dumping as 'best practise' at the Freeport mine)
May 5, 2006 - Mineral Policy Institute

Governor considers moving Habitat Division back to Fish and Game DNR: Critics said change was to remove obstacles to coastal developments.
February 13, 2007 - By Anne Sutton, Anchorage Daily News

Village tired of rejecting bridge proposal NONDALTON: Officials protested before; now residents must vote.
February 10, 2007 - By Elizabeth Bluemink, Anchorage Daily News

Human rights groups and mining watchdogs call for immediate ban on waste dumping into rivers and oceans
February 13, 2007 - Oxfam Australia, Mineral Policy Institute and Mining Watch Canada

All that glitters... Decades of gold mining should have given Congo a ticket to prosperity. Instead, it is trapped in a cycle of violence and poverty.
February 13, 2007 - Guardian Unlimited

YouTube video of class rings company endorsing the Golden Rules

Senate bill would create game refuge over Pebble
February 7, 2007 - Layton Ehmke, Homer Tribune

Major mining firm ups its interest in Pebble Rio Tinto stake in Northern Dynasty climbs to nearly 20 percent, option could push ownership to 30 percent
February 4, 2007 - Margaret Bauman, Alaska Journal of Commerce

Leading Retailers Pledge Their Gold Jewelry Will Sparkle Responsibly 7 of top 10 U.S. Jewelry Retailers, including Wal-Mart and QVC, Support Cleaner Gold Mining; Target named a laggard
February 8, 2007 - No Dirty Gold

Alaska residents fear coal project could ruin subsistence habitat
February 6, 2007 - Anchorage Daily News, by Rachel D’Oro

Coal plan draws fire
February 6, 2007 - Frontiersman, By Matt Tunseth

Turning down a gold mine In Guatemala, angry locals vote no, but BC firm presses on.
February 7, 2007 -, By Dawn Paley

Embattled mining company Asarco enters into settlement talks
February 4, 2007 - By Les Blumenthal, McClatchy Newspapers

Smokestacks in a White Wilderness Divide Iceland
February 4, 2007 - New York Times, By Sarah Lyall


Chickaloon coal mining would rob close-knit community
February 7, 2007 - Anchorage Daily News, Compass: Points of view from the community, By Karl Braendel

Game Refuge a better idea
February 7, 2007 - Letters to the Editor, Homer Tribune

January News

Rio Tinto increases Northern Dynasty shares Conservation group warns of mining risk
January 31, 2007 - Homer Tribune

Wikipedia entry on Rio Tinto
Rio Tinto Exposed for Mining Impacts in Indonesia
Friends of the Earth
Rio Tinto Undermined Workers' Rights
No Dirty Gold
Rio Tinto: Global Compact Violator
Corp Watch
Associating with the Wrong Company: Rio Tinto's Record and the Global Compact
Mines and Communities
Resolution Copper Company is a subsidiary of Rio Tinto
Friends of Queen Creek
Rio Tinto Reports Conceal Kelian Scandal
Mineral Policy Institute

Taku River Tlingit leery of barge proposal
January 31, 2007 - CBS News

MINING NEWS: Alaskans offer to tell truth about Pebble New organization will present facts to public about economic benefits of Northern Dynasty’s controversial copper-gold project
January 28, 2007 - Mining News, By Sarah Hurst

Pebble official asks people to hold judgment for now
January 28, 2007 - By Margaret Bauman, Alaska Journal of Commerce

MINING NEWS: Pebble opponents don’t discourage Northern Dynasty Fieldwork, community meetings for Pebble project will continue this year against backdrop of well-funded negative campaign
January 28, 2007 - Mining News, By Sarah Hurst
Pro-Pebble group aims to counter mine foes
January 28, 2007 - By Tim Bradner, Alaska Journal of Commerce

MINING NEWS: Don’t disrupt permitting, commission says Defending mining projects from critics has become a priority for Alaska, and more funding and education are needed to do the job
January 28, 2007 - Mining News, By Sarah Hurst

Waters not calm for young fishermen SEA OF GRAY: New generation faces big cost to join industry.
January 27, 2007 - By Wesley Loy, Anchorage Daily News

UFA directors vote to oppose Pebble
January 27, 2007 - Anchorage Daily News

UFA Addresses Slate of Fish Issues at Annual Meeting
January 26, 2007 - By Laine Welch, Sit News

Rio Tinto buys half of Galahad’s shares in Pebble deposit
January 26, 2007 - By Jon Nones, Resource Investor

Galahad Gold to complete Northern Dynasty stake sale on or before Feb. 6
January 26, 2007 - Hemscott

Stake sale nets Galahad 40m
January 26, 2007 - Penny Shares Online

Pebble mine prospects appear larger still NORTHERN DYNASTY: The company says there is more high-grade copper
January 25, 2007 - By ELIZABETH BLUEMINK, Anchorage Daily News

Mine opponent challenges project
January 24, 2007 - Homer News

Pebble exec: Mining, fishery able to coexist
January 23, 2007 - By Phil Hermanek, Peninsula Clarion

Jewelers urged to boycott new Alaska gold mine
January 20, 2007 - By Mary Pemberton, Associated Press, Houston Chronicle

My Turn: Coeur Alaska’s reverse logic Company has only itself to blame for the mess it’s in
January 24, 2007 - By Joseph Sebastian, Juneau Empire

Geologist ‘totally confident’ of exoneration Bre-X 10 years later: From a luxury resort in Bali, John Felderhof awaits his fate
January 30, 2007 - By Paul Waldie, Globe and Mail

DISPATCH FROM A SUPERFUND SITE A Tainted Mining Town Dies as Residents Are Paid to Leave Kids in Picher, Okla., Are Exposed to Lead, And the Ground Is at Risk of Cave-Ins
January 18, 2007 - Matthew C. Wright, Washington Post

Pebble Mine debate escalates
Jan. 18, 2007 - Angela Unruh, KTUU Television

Pebble prospect may have a mascot NONPROFIT: Project's supporters launch campaign to defend its rights.
January 19, 2007, ELIZABETH BLUEMINK, Anchorage Daily News

Pebble Mine threatens all Alaskans Points of view from the community
January 18, 2007, Art Hackney, Anchorage Daily News

Mine opponents' disaster scenarios are out of whack
January 21, 2007 - Anchorage Daily News, Voice of the Times

Ready to swim in sulfuric acid? I couldn’t imagine that the state would risk a major environmental disaster for a few temporary jobs.
January 17, 2007 - by Jack Lessenberry, Metro Times Detroit

Wild trek set for Seattle couple In June, they'll begin a 4,000-mile journey, hiking, rafting and skiing from here to Alaska's Aleutian Islands
January 17, 2007 - COLIN McDONALD, Seattle PI

Review of the Earthworks Mining Water Quality Study What it means for the Pebble Mine project Of the mines in this study with similar characteristics to Pebble, 100% of them contaminated nearby waters

New Pebble Mine entry in Wikipedia

Anti-Pebble Mine group speaker to challenge Northern Dynasty
January 17, 2007 - Homer News

Pebble can be another Alaska resource development success
January 21, 2007 - Fairbanks Daily News-Miner

My Turn: Coeur Alaska gambles with jobs Proposal to dump mine waste into a lake risky for people, environment
January 21, 2007 - Anissa Berry-Frick, Juneau Empire

Bush lifts ban on oil drilling in Alaska fishery Bristol Bay is world's most productive wild salmon area
January 10, 2007 -

Report: Selenium imperils area trout Levels high in fish from two watersheds
January 12, 2007 - John O'Connell, Idaho State Journal

A Sight for Soar Eyes John Amos, eco-geographer and head of nonprofit SkyTruth, answers questions
January 8, 2007 -

Just take a Pebble Mine... and drop it
Jan 5, 2007 - Seattle Post Intelligencer

Ad campaign seeks boycott of Pebble gold. Jewelry manufacturers are asked not to support the proposed mine.
January 4, 2007 - Mary Pemberton, Associated Press, Anchorage Daily News

Ad Campaign Asks Jewelers to Help Protect Alaskan Fisheries from Mining
January 4, 2007 - Signe Katz, International Diamond Exchange

Northern Dynasty opposes efforts to link mine tax PEBBLE: Increase isn't a big concern yet, company official says.
January 5, 2007 - By ELIZABETH BLUEMINK, Anchorage Daily News

Opinion on state’s liability in Pebble project draws fire
January 3, 2007 - By Margaret Bauman, MORRIS NEWS SERVICE - ALASKA

Alaska Native Communities, Fishermen, Businesses, Conservation Groups Ask Jewelry Retailers to Help Protect Alaskan Fisheries from Mining
January 3, 2007

Wyoming game wardens see increase in poaching in energy patch

Pebble copper/gold project foes threaten to seek Alaska mining tax
January 5, 2007 -

Pebble's foes float tax idea for mines INCREASE: State's miners now pay about 7 percent of oil industry rate
January 4, 2007 - ELIZABETH BLUEMINK, Anchorage Daily News

Brazil bauxite mine closed after dam burst
January 10, 2007 - Reuters

Alaska editorial: Give habitat back to Fish and Game
January 2, 2007 - Juneau Empire editorial

Alaska editorial: Bristol Bay fisheries panel is a smart move
January 2, 2007 - Juneau Empire, Anchorage Daily News

The proposed Pebble mine puts people, fish and wildlife at risk
January 6, 2007 - Anchorage Daily News, Letter to the Editor

History shows mining companies can't be trusted to clean up mess
January 4, 2007 - Anchorage Daily News, Letter to the Editor

If Pebble is so rich, let the company pay extra cost of a clean operation
January 3, 2007 - Anchorage Daily News, Letter to the Editor

Follow established process for Pebble
January 3, 2007 - Anchorage Daily News, Compass piece

It's a sad day for Alaska when money is all that counts

January 2, 2007 - Anchorage Daily News, Letter to the Editor

Reader asks: Water or air?
January 4, 2007 - Peninsula Clarion, Letter to the Editor

Pebble gold boycott call amazing as production won't start till 2011
January 16, 2007 - Anchorage Daily News, Letter to the Editor

Alaska should create fish refuge, require water monitoring of mining
January 16, 2007 - Anchorage Daily News, Letter to the Editor

All Pebble mine project would do is shortchange future generations
January 13, 2007 - Anchorage Daily News, Letter to the Editor

In pushing for Pebble mine, Phillips ignores possible devastating effects
January 13, 2007 - Anchorage Daily News, Letter to the Editor

Open-pit mining just doesn't mesh with the traditional Alaska lifestyle
January 12, 2007 - Anchorage Daily News, Letter to the Editor

Pebble opponents resort to shock, but mine and fishery are compatible
January 11, 2007 - Anchorage Daily News, Letter to the Editor

Sustainable fishing in Bristol Bay is more valuable than a gold mine
January 11, 2007 - Anchorage Daily News, Letter to the Editor

'What makes us uniquely Alaskan' can be debated with regard to Pebble
January 11, 2007 - Anchorage Daily News, Letter to the Editor

December News

Litigation tempers mining industry's surge in '06
December 31, 2006 - Tim Bradner, Alaska Journal of Commerce

Debate over Pebble project far from over Study over whether state would face billions in liability in changing rules before permitting mine draws fire
December 31, 2006 - Margaret Bauman, Alaska Journal of Commerce

Saying ‘no’ to mine should be people’s choice
December 27, 2006 - Homer News Online Editorial

Habitat watchdogs State overseers belong back where they started at Fish and Game
December 24, 2006 - Anchorage Daily News, Editorial

Legal opinion sparks questions about saying ‘no’ to Pebble
December 27, 2006, Homer Tribune

Kensington case hinges on Clean Water Act Mining company, agencies and environmentalists await ruling from Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals on future of Juneau gold project
December 24, 2006, Sarah Hurst - For Mining News

Forget global warming; stop Pebble
December 24, 2006, Anchorage Daily News, Letter to the Editor

Sustainable economic development is dismissed in favor of extraction
December 20, 2006, Anchorage Daily News, Letter to the Editor

Pebble Mine shouldn't even be considered
December 26, 2006, Juneau Empire - Letter to the editor

Proposed mine could have dreadful impact
12/19/2006 - Denver Post

Board wants Habitat Division restored REVERSAL: Fisheries panel wants agency returned to Fish and Game Department
December 17, 2006 - Anchorage Daily News

Three boroughs support conditional lifting of Bristol Bay drilling ban
December 17, 2006 - Alaska Journal of Commerce

Fish Come First
December 14, 2006 - FlyFish News Service
Pebble Mine proponent digs for support
December 13, 2006 - Homer News

Northern Dynasty's pumping in cash doesn't minimize effects of tailings
December 16, 2006 - Anchorage Daily News, Letter to the Editor

Palin’s Bristol Bay options include a no-brainer: Value-added fish
December 14, 2006 - Letter to the Editor

Study: Mines fail to meet water-quality expectations
"Mines in the United States are failing to meet water-quality standards,
according to a research study published Thursday by Earthworks, a Washington, D.C., mine-watchdog group."
December 8, 2006 - Anchorage Daily News
read the study that is the basis of this story

Gems Fightin' Words Federal agency predictions that mines would not pollute water were wrong, study says
December 12, 2006 - Grist

Claim of Pebble support faulted NORTHERN DYNASTY MINES: Bristol Bay Native Corp. calls for retraction and clarification.
December 13, 2006 - ELIZABETH BLUEMINK, Anchorage Daily News

Both sides laud decision on fish refuge PEBBLE MINE: State Fisheries Board votes to create advisory panel.
December 12, 2006 - ELIZABETH BLUEMINK, Anchorage Daily News

Committee appointed to study creation of fish refuge
December 11, 2006 - Jason Moore,

Fishing businesses decry large mine proposed for Alaska
December 8, 2006 - Anchorage Daily News

Anti-Pebble forces step it up
December 6, 2006 - Anchorage Press

Debate intensifies over proposed mine’s impact on fish
December 6, 2006 - KTUU 2 News

Board considers creating first-ever state fish refuge
December 5, 2006 - KTUU 2 News

Fishing organizations unite to oppose Pebble Mine
December 3, 2006 - Alaska Journal of Commerce

Miners plan to dump waste in lake Alaskan dispute could have implications for industry throughout West
December 11, 2006 - Oakland Tribune

Free Market News Network - Pompano Beach,FL,USA

Governor, please consider how Pebble does not benefit all Alaskans
December 9, 2006 - Letter to the Editor, Anchorage Daily News

Surroundings of Pebble worth more than precious metals under ground
December 7, 2006 - Letter to the Editor, Anchorage Daily News

Jobs wanted, Pebble Mine not
December 1, 2006 - Letter to the Editor, Kenai Peninsula Clarion

Fish-bearing lake must go to develop mine Company: Proposal for Interior gold and copper project has environmentalists worried
December 11, 2006 - Larry Pynn, CanWest News Service

Anti-, pro-Pebble forces square off DILLINGHAM IS RINGSIDE: Board of Fisheries will listen to testimony on Monday
December 3, 2006 - ELIZABETH BLUEMINK, Anchorage Daily News

Bristol Bay leases possible after ban lift PRESIDENT: Bush considers lifting ban on offshore petroleum offerings.
December 3, 2006 - Anchorage Daily News

November News
Review of Northern Dynasty's November 15 meeting with Seattle Fishermen
with full audio available for download

Database of Tailings Dam Failures
Last update November 16, 2006 - (covers all types of mining dams)

Environmentalists bristle over rumor of lifting ban on Bristol Bay drilling
November 29, 2006 - Alaska Journal of Commerce

Sport Fishing Industry Leaders Blast Pebble Mine Proposal Full-Page Ads in Fish Alaska and Fly Fisherman Magazines Urge Governor-Elect Palin To Protect Bristol Bay Watershed
November 24, 2006 - Trout Unlimited

For the sake of today's quick riches, we're liable to undermine the future
November 20, 2006 - Letter to the Editor, Anchorage Daily News

Reader questions what’s in store for future
November 15, 2006 - Letter to the Editor, Peninsula Clarion

Kensington will set a precedent for Pebble
November 15, 2006 - Letter to the Editor, Juneau Empire
Dueling polls oppose, support Pebble Mine project
November 10, 2006 - Peninsula Clarion

Higher prices a boon to Alaska miners PAYDIRT: The mining industry saw mineral value grow by 8 percent from 2004.
November 9, 2006 - Anchorage Daily News

Gold mine owners hope cyanide can prolong life FORT KNOX: Heap leaching could extend the mine's operation by at least 5 years.
November 11, 2006 - Anchorage Daily News

Fish refuge proposed for area of Pebble deposit BRISTOL BAY: Legislative approval would be required; fishing could still take place.
November 4, 2006 - Anchorage Daily News

Both sides of Pebble Mine issue draw fines over lobbying disclosures
November 5, 2006 - Alaska Journal of Commerce

October News
Candidates' views mixed on mining GOVERNOR: Pebble is a big area of difference, but several others also raise concerns.
October 31, 2006 - Anchorage Daily News

AFN takes no action on Pebble Mine
October 30, 2006 - Associated Press

MINING NEWS: Pebble will face determined dam busters
October 29, 2006 - Mining News
October 25, 2006 - Renewable Resources Coalition

Pebble project could offer needed jobs
October 23, 2006 - Donald F. Nielsen, Anchorage Daily News - COMPASS: POINTS OF VIEW FROM THE COMMUNITY

Huge dams at Pebble: Here's another reason to be cautious about the mining project
October 14, 2006 - Anchorage Daily News

Proposal to create fish refuge near Bristol Bay: "A first of its kind state fish refuge is being proposed to protect fish habitat in headwaters of Bristol Bay..."
October 18, 2006 - Laine Welch, Alaska Report

Candidates speak out: "Do you believe mining development should be permitted in the many-resource-rich areas of the Pebble prospect?"
October 18, 2006 - Layton Ehmke, Homer Tribune

Size of tailings dams sparks new concern over Pebble
October 15, 2006 - Margaret Bauman, Alaska Journal of Commerce

Exploration budget boosted for Pebble mine prospect
October 13, 2006 - ELIZABETH BLUEMINK, Anchorage Daily News

Northern Dynasty follows permits when disposing of its drill waters
October 14, 2006 - Bruce Jenkins, chief operating officer of Northern Dynasty Mines Inc. to the Anchorage Daily News, Letter to the Editor

Event for the release of Ray Troll's new Stop the Pebble Mine T-shirt
DATE: October 28, 2006 7:00- 9:00 pm
PLACE: Humpy's Alehouse
610 6th St, Anchorage
CONTACT: Bobi Rinehart, (907) 258-6160,

The Bristol Bay Native Association (BBNA) votes to oppose all large scale mining in Bristol Bay
October, 2006 - Bristol Bay Native Association

New website on Bristol Bay and the Pebble Mine from Trout Unlimited
October, 2006

Pebble proposes vast dams for waste Largest of the earthen structures would stand taller than Hoover, Grand Coulee.
October 8, 2006 - ELIZABETH BLUEMINK, Anchorage Daily News

Report Proves Pebble Would Destroy Salmon Spawning Areas
October 5, 2006 - Renewable Resources Coalition
Northern Dynasty's response
October 12, 2006 - Northern Dynasty Minerals

Slide show of 450 mile journey through the proposed mine site. Download the powerpoint presentation
October 12, 2006 - by Erin McKittrick at the Mountaineers in Seattle

Water rights request fires up more Pebble opposition
October 1, 2006 - Margaret Bauman, Alaska Journal of Commerce

Comedian Ben Stein promotes Alaska seafood to nation
October 8, 2006 - Margaret Bauman, Alaska Journal of Commerce

September News
BLM's draft Regional Management Plan proposes to open it's 3.6 million acres in Bristol Bay to hardrock mining
September 29, 2006 - BLM

'Great' mine jobs put stress on family
September 30, 2006 - ALAN BORAAS, comment for the Anchorage Daily News

Tails gives Edgmon the win Each had 767 votes, so chance determined the victor
September 26, 2006 - ALEX deMARBAN, Anchorage Daily News

"I oppose development of the Pebble prospect": A Q&A with gubernatorial candidate Tony Knowles
September 24, 2006 - Alaska Journal of Commerce

Palin talks fish, pipeline in Kodiak
September 26, 2006 - BRIAN MARTIN, Kodiak Daily Mirror

Northern Dynasty pays APOC fine
Septebmer 27, 2006 - MICHAEL ARMSTRONG, Homer News Online

Forum to focus on wild salmons' success and future
September 24, 2006 - Margaret Bauman, Alaska Journal of Commerce

Salmon numbers, crab harvests, and Prince Charles prefers Alaska salmon
September 19, 2006 - LAINE WELCH, Alaska Report

Pebble mine company to reapply for water rights
September 20, 2006 - ELIZABETH BLUEMINK, Anchorage Daily News

Jerry Springer Radio Show Report: Pebble Mine Bigger Threat than ANWR Scott Brennan, Chief Operating Officer of Renewable Resources Coalition, was interviewed this morning on The Jerry Springer Radio Show.
September 20, 2006 - Air America

Lawmakers fight Kensington plan - Members of Congress call selves 'defenders' of Clean Water Act
September 21, 2006 - Brittany Retherford, Juneau Empire

Pits in the Crown Jewels
October 2006 - Ted Williams, Fly Rod and Reel Magazine

Precinct votes hand counted in two state races
September 12, 2006 - By MATT VOLZ, Associated Press Writer

Pebble's first focus may be underground
September 3, 2006 - Tim Bradner, Alaska Journal of Commerce

Pebble developers say withhold judgement as protests mount
September 3, 2006 - Margaret Bauman, Alaska Journal of Commerce

Politicians jump into argument over Kensington injunction
September 3, 2006 - Andrew Petty, Juneau Empire/Morris News Service-Alaska

August News
Fish refuge proposed for Pebble area: Board of Fisheries will decide at its Bristol Bay meeting in December whether it should recommend the idea to Alaska Legislature
August 27, 2006 - Sarah Hurst, For Mining News/Petroleum News

Renewable Resources Coalition Applauds Nunamta Aulukestai Action to Fight Pebble Mine
August 25, 2006 - Businesswire

Andover Acquires Prominent Land Position in Alaska
August 25, 2006

In Alaska, Surprise Resistance to Mine Critics Say It Threatens Another Industry With Rich Tradition in State: Salmon Fishing
August 15, 2006 - Adam Clymer, Washington Post
Seattle PI blog on the above article

Unlikely backlash smacks B.C. firm's Alaska plan: Northern Dynasty takes heat over gold, copper megaproject
August 18, 2006 - BARRIE MCKENNA, Toronto Globe and Mail

Northern Dynasty Minerals Ltd.: Excellent Results from First Drill Holes in 2006 at Pebble East
August 21, 2006 - Market Wire

Anti-mine letters from Anchorage Daily News
August, 2006 - Anchorage Daily News

Pebble promises: Keep a sharp eye on the fine print
August 11, 2006 - Anchorage Daily News

Fishing fleet blasts mine plan
August 4, 2006 - Steve Wilhelm, Puget Sound Business Journal

State is bound to resource development
August 11, 2006 - STEPHEN HAYCOX - comment for the Anchorage Daily News

Federal judge OKs Kensington Mine disposal method
August 6, 2006 - Juneau Empire

Bristol Bay, Alaska's economy depends almost entirely on salmon: UAA ISER study
Augusst 4, 2006 - Laine Welch, Alaska Report

Ruling: Red Dog polluted - MINE: A judge has upheld a third of the water-quality violations.
August 2, 2006 - PAULA DOBBYN, Anchorage Daily News

July News
"Murkowski says he doesn't think state will allow open pit mine at Pebble", audio.
July 26, 2006 - APRN Alaska News

Pebble Mine Applies For Water Rights, Groups Continue Opposition
July 25, 2006 - Casey Kelly, KMXT radio (Kodiak)

Risks of Block Caving at the Proposed Pebble Mine
July, 2006 - Dr. David Chambers, Center for Science in Public Participation

Northern Dynasty applies for water rights
July 30, 2006 - MINING NEWS

Proposed Alaskan mine could harm salmon, businesses
July 25, 2006 - Gary Chittim, KING 5 News

Don't take risks with Alaska's salmon
July 26, 2006 - Chris Rose, Anchorage Daily News

Waste rock storage plan puts Kensington in legal fight
July 30, 2006 - Margaret Bauman, Alaska Journal of Commerce

Northern Dynasty Completes $87.5 Million Financing...
July 28, 2006 - Market Wire Business News

My turn: What has happened to free enterprise?
July 28, 2006 - Juneau Empire

July 21, 2006 - Laine Welch, Alaska Report

Lethal Cyanide Spill in Ghana Outrages Gold Mining Communities
July 25, 2006 - Mike Anane, Environment News Service

There's Gold in Them Thar Smelly Hills
July, 2006 - Alan Deutschman, Fast Company

April 30, 2006 - Alaska Journal of Commerce: BLM taking comments on Bristol Bay plan

April 25, 2006 - Business Wire: National Wildlife Federation, American Rivers and Residents Say Proposed Pebble Mine Would Devastate Waterways and Wildlife

April 23, 2006 - Mining News: Northern Dynasty strikes back on Pebble. After fending off an attempt in the Legislature to slow down Pebble project, mining company will spend $40 million in 2006.

April 22, 2006 - Alaska Journal of Commerce: Pebble to see $40M in 2006.

April 19, 2006 - American Rivers: Bristol Bay among America's "Most Endangered" - #8 on American Rivers' annual list.

April, 2006 - BBNC: Bristol Bay Native Corporation's latest (neutral) statement on Pebble

May/June, 2006 - Mother Jones magazine: The Midas Touch

May/June, 2006 - Mother Jones magazine: Minions of Midas

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