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Gear List

This is the gear list for our most recent trek (Blockade Glacier - 2005). This is the gear list for two people. Some items (such as clothing and shoes) weigh different amounts for each of us. In these cases, I've averaged the weights of the two versions. Some people calculate weight separately for stuff that goes inside the pack (base weight) and stuff that doesn't. I don't see the point, so I haven't done it.

I'm not claiming that this is the best gear list possible; it's just the latest step in a continually improving (hopefully) list. This setup is designed for very wet conditions (rain, wet bushwhacks, packrafting). It also contains an awful lot of camera gear. Click for the pros and cons I found with this particular list. Or click on section headings to go to my general discussion of that item.

ItemSpecifics & NotesWeightQuantity (for 2 people)Total weight
Packs: 1lb 1oz each
Erin's backpackGoLite gust1lb 4oz11lb 14.5oz
Hig's backpackMesh pack, homemade 14oz11lb 4oz
Rafting equipment: 6lb 5oz each
PackraftAlpacka raft (smallest size)3lb 15.5oz27lb 15oz
PaddleAquabound Seafarer paddles2lb 3.5oz24lb 7oz
Inflation bag-0lb 2oz10lb 2oz
Patching material and glue-0lb 0.5oz10lb 0.5oz
Clothing: 4lb 9oz each
Fleece suit, homemade-1lb 7oz22lb 14oz
Rain suitTriple-ply gortex, homemade14oz22lb 12oz
Rain hatREI2oz24oz
ShoesMontrail Vitesse1lb 9oz23lb 3oz
SocksSmartwool0lb 3oz40lb 12oz
glovesThin fleece gloves (for Erin)0lb 1.5oz20lb 3oz
Shelter and sleeping stuff: 2lb 8oz each
Sleeping bagSynthetic, homemade, 2-person2lb 14oz12lb 14oz
Sleeping padThermarest: Ultralite 3/4 length13 oz21lb 10 oz
TarpSilnylon sheet with bugnetting fringe and tie strings, homemade7 oz17 oz
Assorted other gear: 1lb 14oz each
Bear bagUrsack major0lb 10oz21lb 4oz
cookpotsmall titanium pot0lb 7.5oz10lb 7.5oz
bandanna-0lb 1oz20lb 2oz
lightweight dry bagsWXtex pneumo0lb 6oz20lb 12oz
topo mapson waterproof Adventure Paper0lb 2oz10lb 2oz
sunblockin a film cannister0lb 1oz10lb 1oz
vaselinein a film cannister0lb 1oz10lb 1oz
toothbrush and toothpastetoothpaste in small container0lb 1.5oz10lb 1.5oz
sunglassescheapo drugstore variety 0lb 0.5oz20lb 1oz
waterbottles500ml bottled water bottles0.5oz40lb 2oz
Recreational Gear: 4lb 10oz each
waterproof journalRite in the Rain paper in binder0lb 8oz10lb 8oz
pencil and pen pencil0lb 0.5oz10lb 0.5oz
small digi cameraCanon S50, with battery0lb 11.4oz101b 11.4oz
waterproof camera caseWP-DC3000lb 10.9oz101b 10.9oz
dSLR cameraCanon 300d, with battery and 50mm macro lens, in homemade drybag2lb 10.5oz121b 10.5oz
telephoto lens70-200mm, in homemade drybag1lb 14oz111b 14oz
wide angle lens17-40mm, in homemade drybag1lb 14oz111b 14oz
extra memory cards and batteriesincl 3 batteries for small cam, 4 for big cam, in homemade drybag0lb 15oz101b 15oz
mini tripodabout 8in tall0lb 7oz101b 7oz
Safety Gear: 3lb 10oz each
led lightstiny flashlight style0lb 1oz201b 2oz
ice axeslightweight, long1lb 0oz221b 0oz
bear spraybear deterrent pepper spray0lb 12oz101b 12oz
EPIRBemergency locator beacon0lb 8oz101b 8oz
kitFirst aid, firestarting, emergency stuff in fanny pack or shoulder bag1lb 4oz211b 4oz


Total (skin-out) weight per person without food and water: 24lbs 7oz

Per person by category:

Rafting: 6lb 5oz
Recreational: 4lb 10oz
Clothing: 4lb 9oz
Safety gear: 3lb 10oz
Shelter and sleeping setup: 2lb 8oz
Pack: 1lb 1oz
Other stuff: 1lb 14oz


Camera: As a photography nut, it was really awesome to have a digital SLR with multiple lenses.
Waterproofness: We had real drybags for key electronics, sleeping bag, clothes, and some food. So no worries this time about getting stuff soaked while rafting.


Camera: Ok, camera stuff is really heavy. And we definitely brought way more batteries than necessary.
Clothing: One-piece rainsuits need a little design work, but are a good start.
Shelter: Last summer's 3-person shelter was way more roomy than needed. This one's a bit smaller than I'd like.
Sleeping bag: First try making one - design improvement would be good.

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