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Sklup is a fudge-like concoction which is the most efficient and energy-dense snack food we've come up with.
The base ingredient is nutella, peanut butter, or some combination thereof.
A jar of raspberry jam is a good addition here, but adds a bit of extra water (unnecessary weight) to the recipe.
To this, we add a liberal quantity of dried fruit (cranberries are my favorite), nuts, and chocolate chips.
Having a lot of chunks is key.
The final step is to stir in enough flour (or soy protein, or other appropriate powdered substance) to turn the goo solid enough to eat with the hands.
It's quite difficult to stir by the end.
Now, store in plastic ziploc bags, and eat by the handful.
As far as we know, this lasts forever - at least a couple months not refrigerated, and at least 6 months refrigerated.

Here's an example recipe, with calorie math.

peanut butter1130g6701
soy protein1.88cups/169g619
Total caloriescal/g%calories from carbsproteinfat

Flavorful hiking crackers

Basic recipe:
Take 8c flour-like ingredients (a mix of white flour, various other grains, soy protein, etc...). Stir in lots and lots of spices (garlic powder, salt, etc...). Add 1c crisco and crumble into dry ingredients with your hands. Mix in a few cups liquid (some water, but can be supplemented with things like soy sauce, mustard, or vinegar) until it barely sticks together, then knead until it isn't crumbly anymore. Roll out as thin as you like (doesn't have to be terribly thin), cut into pieces of desired shape, and put on a cookie sheet. Bake at 325 until slightly browned on edges.


Garlic mustard crackers:
4c wheat flour
1c soy protein
1c cornmeal
2c white flour
2/3c (yes that's 2/3 of a cup) garlic powder
cumin, cayenne, salt
1c crisco
3/4c yellow mustard (stir in w/water)
3c water

Sunflower crackers:
2c wheat flour
1c oats
1c soy protein
4c white flour
1tbsp salt
1/5c lemon pepper salt
a bunch of paprika
1c crisco
1c sunflower seeds
1/3c soy sauce
1/3c rice vinegar
1+5/6c water

for some inexplicable reason, these last ones end up tasting like cheese...

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Last modified: 4/14/2004