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Internet Resources

AKTrekking The website of Beyond Spec contributors Erin McKittrick and Bretwood Higman. This site contains a lot of equipment, food, and tactics for long-range wilderness travel.

Bushwacker Wilderness Adventure Make & modify your gear.

Alternative Gear This site features a small selection of cheapo alternative gear.

Make Your Own Gear This site has a lot of fabrication projects in the left-hand sidebar. It also contains a recommended readings list.

Schools & Organizations

Tom Brown Jr.'s Tracker School
Tom Brown Jr.'s Tracker School teaches light-hand skills, survival, tracking, nature awareness, and shamanism. It is located in the New Jersey Pine Barrens, but also runs classes in Florida and California.

Wilderness Awareness School The Wilderness Awareness School teaches many primitive skills and wilderness techniques similar to the those of the Tracker School. It is located in Duvall, Washington.

Wilderness Medicine Institute
WMI is owned by NOLS (National Outdoor Leadership School). It offers wilderness medicine courses, including Wildernerness First Responder and Wilderness EMT. It holds classes in various areas.

Rescue Specialists
Rescue Specialists provides training in wilderness medicine and swiftwater rescue. It is located in Leavenworth, Washington.

Selected Companies

EarthForge Knives by Quincy Byrne.
EarthForge KNives are high quality knives made by Quincy Byrne in Sequim, WA. Each knife is hand-forged out of carbon steel. Quincy specializes in simple blades of rustic design. Handles are usually cord-wrap, wood, or antler. Custom orders can be filled. Quincy also makes hide scrapers, tomahawks, throwers, and other steel tools.

Contact Quincy Byrne: (360) 461-3314 or

Alchemy Goods Alchemy Goods constructs bicycle messenger bags, carryalls, and wallets out of old bicycle inner tubes and other recycled items. It is a one-man company operated out of Seattle, Washington.

Dave Page, Cobbler
Dave Page is pretty renowned at what he does: repairing outdoor footwear, including rock shoes.

Alpackaraft Alpackaraft constructs several models of packrafts, including the Alpacka (reviewed in the gear section), as well as spray skirts and other accessories for the rafts.

Sundrop Jewelry Sundrop Jewelry makes earings and necklaces out of discarded glass, melting the glass using solar energy. Beyond Spec contributors Bretwood Higman, Erin McKittrick, and their associate Sean Reynolds operate it out of Seattle, Washington. They are the only employees.

Seattle Fabrics. Seattle Fabrics carries a wide range of materials and components for outdoor gear. It is found, unsurprisingly, in Seattle, Washinton.

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