Junk is OK

We are not engaged in a race to build the perfect gear closet.

Stuff that works well is nice, but if you're like us, you love and use shoddy, over-the-hil junk all the time because you have a relationship with it. Don't let anyone dis you for it! Your stuff sometimes isn't just stuff. It's your friend. How many of you still have our old stuffed animals? YEAH! What matters is who we're with (person, animal, or inanimate), where we are, what we're doing, and why we like it. Sure, we lose and break our stuff, but we get lost and broken, too. Happens all the time. It's only too old, obsolete, or dorky when we decide it is.

Is our stuff flawed? Oh yeah. All of us can look at our heap of gear, however large or small, and find fault with all of it. Well, we're flawed too. We love the junk anyway.

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